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Rental Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control

Shore Clean provide rental carpet cleaning, pest control and other surface cleaning maintenance services for real estate agents in the wider Gympie area. Our team works with many local real estate agents and we understand the high standard that’s expected within the industry. We’ve got a cautious eye for detail and in addition to going above and beyond with our cleaning services, we take note of any future maintenance concerns so the landlord can prepare.

Our services include:

  • Carpet cleaning
  • Vinyl cleaning & restoration
  • Tile and grout cleaning
  • Pest inspections, detection and prevention

Give us a call on 0402 737 248 to request a quote or organise a site inspection.

Tenancy Preparation & Breach Orders:

Whether it’s getting some carpet back into shape before inspections start or getting the ‘all clear’ on pests before a new tenancy starts, we’re here to help with quick surface cleaning and pest control services arranged at a moment’s notice. We’ll work around you and your current tenant’s schedule and find a convenient time to prepare the property in the often-hectic timeframe between tenancies.

We’re equipped to work on all kinds of carpet fibres and can take care of any stain, no matter the extent, age and size of it. Our chemicals work quickly and effectively and we can de-odourise the area where necessary. Similarly, we’ve got specialised equipment to perform tile and grout cleaning as well as vinyl plank and surface cleaning, stripping and sealing.

Pest Inspections:

Pest services we provide include pest inspection, detection and reporting for cockroaches, silverfish, spiders, ants and rodents, plus extermination and prevention services. All inspections come with a report and list of recommendations, and our prevention methods are safe for humans and pets. If we’re able to determine that the pests in the household are the result of tenant behaviour, e.g. poor food storage practices and hygiene, we will inform you in the written report.

Rental Carpet Cleaning Services

Get in touch with the team at Shore Clean to discuss our full range of commercial cleaning services and maintenance contracts. Call 0402 737 248