Tile and Grout Cleaning
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Gympie Tile Cleaning Services

Look no further than Shore Clean for reliable and affordable Gympie tile cleaning services, including grout cleaning and tile polishing. We’re a small family-operated team with over ten years of experience and we pride ourselves on our friendly servicing, high quality results and convenient scheduling. You’ll love the results you get from our thorough grout and tile cleaning services.

Give us a call on 0402 737 248 to request a tile cleaning quote.

Why Choose Professional Cleaning:

Over time, dirt will build up in especially porous tiles and even a warm and thorough mop of the surface won’t effectively remove the dirt. We’re equipped with the tools and experience to make short work of any hard build-up of dirt or stains on your tiles and grout and we provide tile and grout cleaning for both indoor and outdoor tiles.

Getting your tiles and grout cleaned is a fantastic way to add visual appeal and make your tiles look newer, whether you’re having guests over or selling your home. Our equipment and chemicals make short work of grime regardless of whether you’ve got manmade tiles or natural stone / slate tiles. We work with both floor and wall-mounted tiles.

Mould Cleaning:

Unfortunately, if mould has started to grow within the grout between tiles and bricks, the only permanent solution is to cut that grout out and re-apply. We can apply chemicals and paint over it to provide a temporary ‘band-aid’ solution, but there is no guarantee on grout mould removal without complete replacement of the affected area. We’re happy to provide an over the phone quote for both with advice if you’re unsure which solution will be best for you.

House Sales:

Short of getting a complete renovation or new tiles laid, tile polishing and grout clean-ups are a fantastic way to make your bathroom look new again. It’s amazing what a bit of cleaning can do – some people are so accustomed to dark grouts and dull tiles that some simple TLC can go a long way in attracting potential buyers. In addition to tile and grout cleaning, we’ve got a whole range of services for bond securing and house sale inspections, including carpet cleaning and pest inspections to make the selling process a little less stressful.

Gympie Tile Cleaning Services

Get in touch with the team at Shore Clean to book our Gympie tile cleaning services. Call 0402 737 248