Schools & Community Housing
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Community Housing and School Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control

Established in 2008, Shore Clean provide community housing and school carpet cleaning and pest control services in the wider Gympie area. We’re a family-run, community-minded organisation with close ties to the Gympie area. We cater our services around the schedule and facility requirements of the community organisations we work with, and we prioritise emergency carpet repair and maintenance works for our valued clients.

Our services include:

Give us a call on 0402 737 248 for an over the phone quote for any of our carpet cleaning services or arrange an inspection if you’d like to organise a maintenance contract.

Carpet Cleaning Services:

Naturally, carpets at schools receive a lot of wear and tear from students throughout the term and our carpet cleaning process ensures quick and effective removal of all dirt, grease and stains, no matter how large. All stains and odours will be removed and we’ll apply a non-scented carpet cleaning conditioner to prevent allergic reactions.
While we always recommend getting stains removed as soon as possible, we’re equipped with the tools and experience to remove stains that have sat for lengthy periods of time. If coming to the school during term break or between tenancy periods for community housing would be preferable, we can accommodate your needs.

Pest Control Services:

Whether certain buildings have started to bring in ants and other creepy crawlies, or you’re just after regular maintenance inspections, our pest control services have got you covered. We provide detection, prevention and control treatments for cockroaches, spiders, silverfish, ants and rodents. All prevention and pest control chemicals that we spray are tested to Australian standards and are safe for humans to be around.

Maintenance Cleaning Contracts:

We provide over the phone quotes for quick carpet cleaning jobs, but we also work with schools and other community organisations, drawing up maintenance contracts tailored to their specific needs. Having one team take care of your carpet, vinyl and tile cleaning as well as your pest control ensures central planning and effective organisation. We thoroughly evaluate the needs of your facilities and co-ordinate our maintenance schedules to accommodate the needs of your organisation.

Gympie School Carpet Cleaning Services

Get in touch with the team at Shore Clean to discuss how our team can help your school or community housing organisation. Call 0402 737 248