Flood Damage Work

Flooded Carpet Drying

Shore Clean are Gympie carpet cleaning professionals, providing flooded carpet drying restoration and repair services in emergencies. We work quickly to prevent further damage and are equipped with professional equipment to effectively resolve any problems you’ve got with your carpet. Our team have worked through multiple local floods as well as an array of burst pipe emergencies. We understand how to properly diagnose, dry, repair and clean carpets depending on the surrounding environment and extent of damage

Our comprehensive carpet and upholstery flood damage treatment works include:

  • Hot water extraction
  • Dehumidification & fanning
  • Odour removal treatment
  • Carpet and upholstery cleaning

If your home or business has just flooded, give us a call on 0402 737 248 to arrange an inspection as soon as possible to prevent further damage to your carpet, upholstery and structural elements. Water damage doesn’t discriminate and we apply our skills to take care of all water damage to fabrics, vinyl and leather, including couches, dining chair sets, cushions and more.

Water Extraction:

We use specialised hot water extraction systems to remove flooded water that’s seeped into your carpet and upholstery as soon as possible. Delaying water extraction on your carpets can result in further problems down the line relating to mould, mildew and water creeping up walls, so we encourage getting in touch with us or your insurer as soon as you’ve encountered carpet flooding.

From there, we look at the drying and dehumidification requirements necessary for your home and the surrounding weather. We use commercial grade fanning and dehumidification equipment to completely rid your carpet of any residue water. During this stage, we’ll apply a de-odourising treatment to remove any nasty smells associated with the water seepage. Once we’ve tested everything and are confident that your carpet and upholstery are completely removed of dampness and isn’t likely to grow mould or mildew, we’ll thoroughly clean and condition your carpet and upholstery to remove any stains.

Gympie Flood Damage Carpet Services

Get in touch with the team at Shore Clean to discuss how we can help you restore your carpets following flood damage. Call 0402 737 248